Those who knew me when I was younger can testify to the fact that today I am a different man. God has done a great work in me. I only walked in the bright sunshine of the meadow for a short time before I realized that I had been stumbling in a dark forest for years. It was dark and then it was light.     
        God Himself was my inspiration to write a book of Christian poetry. After working in the same job for 22 years, I found myself, by the grace of God, working a new job and being hundreds of miles away from my wife and family. 
        One evening while seeking comfort in the Bible and saying my evening prayers, God spoke to my heart directly; saying, “This is your time on the mountain. Use it wisely.” This was an answering to prayer and I knew then that my time alone was meant to serve God. What I didn’t know was how I would go about doing it. 
        As I recounted the few things in life I had been good at, I remembered that I had been recognized for my poetry in college. I had been published in six consecutive semiannual issues of American Collegiate Poets Anthology between 1981 and 1983. 
        I decided to try my hand at Christian poetry and soon realized that I didn’t know enough about my topic. I studied the crucifixion and wrote my first poem, “Imagine Knowing.” The poem was unlike any I had previously written in that the thought of my Lord crawling made me cry. I e-mailed it to a Christian friend and said a prayer; “God, if this is how I will serve you, give me a sign that I may know it.”  Two hours later, I received an e-mail from a pastor and a church that I had never heard of. It was a request to use the poem that I had just written in an upcoming joint Good Friday Service with the participation of multiple congregations and clergy friends. My friend had shared my poem with Pastor Craig who I did not know at the time, but today is a dear friend of mine. Soon I had a request for a Christmas poem. One thing led to another and here I am six years later with a book on Barnes&Noble and Amazon. 
        I continue to express my love of God and His glory through poetry while working as an independent consultant for the country's nuclear power plants. I have been happily married to my wife, Ann, for thirty-five years and together we have two adult sons.