First Vespers - Spiritual Verses of Hope and Inspiration contains over fifty pieces of artwork, a spectacular collection! Each poem is paired with a selected piece of art meant to deepen the understanding and the meditative aspect of the words. Below is a small selecion of the artwork displayed in First Vespers. All are displayed in full color. Purchase First Vespers here!


Christ the Consolator, 1884 (oil on canvas), Bloch, Carl H. (1834 1890) / Museum of Art, Provo, Utah, USA / Public Domain image purchased from

The Repentant St. Peter, c. 1820 – 1824 (oil on canvas), Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Jose de (1746 – 1828) / The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C., USA Taken from WGA.HU

Moses Viewing the Promised Land from Mount NeboPencil, charcoal illustration by Lisa Marie Browning, 2013, (Colorized by Yogeshwarraj Gohil, 2013)

Moses transforming his rod into a snake in front of Pharaoh and his magicians, (oil on canvas) Circle of Felice Gianni (San Sebastiano Curone, 1758 1823, Rome, Italy) / Photograph of 1st Art Gallery reproduction by Mark Spriggs
Journey of the Magi, 1894, James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836 – 1902) / Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota / Public domain image purchased from
Wheatfield with Lark, 1887 (oil on canvas), Gogh, Vincent van (1853 – 1890) / Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Taken from WGA.HU
 Baby Moses taken from Nile River (LaBible Estampes), Illustration, Image courtesy of and
The Baptism of Jenny Parker, 2010, Photographed by David V. Burdick