Excerpt from First Vespers - Spiritual Verses of Hope and Inspiration

Imagine Knowing:

Imagine Knowing And Still Going.

Betrayed, But Never Swayed,

Prayers of Agony At Gethsemane.

Alone, But For An Angel That Day.

His Disciples Slept A Stone’s Cast Away.

His Sweat Fell Like Drops of Blood.

Tears Mingled In The Mud.

Broken Capillaries, Hope And Charity,

Sweet Lamb To Save The Damned.

To Make All Things New.

To Be King of The Jews.

His Crown Made of Thorns.

His Scalp Ripped And Torn.

Imagine Knowing And Still Going.

Braided Thongs To Cure All Wrongs.

Lacerations, Bruises And Contusions.

Whipping Sharp Bones Tearing Flesh

And Flogging Metal Balls To Do The Rest.

His Skin So Sensitive To The Touch,

He Must Have Loved Us So Much.

Shredded Muscles And Bones Exposed,

He Drug His Tree To Calvary.

His Steps In Staggers.

His Pain In Daggers.

Kidneys Failing, Fainting, Falling,

My Sweet Lord Crawling.

Imagine Knowing And Still Going.

His Wrists Impaled By Roman Nail.

Savage Crushing Nerve Damage.

Outstretched Arms Were Weighted,

His Shoulders Popped And Dislocated.

Crossbar Affixed And Crucifix Complete,

They Drove A Nail Through His Feet.

Respiratory Distress, Near Cardiac Arrest.

Asphyxiated, Dehydrated And Faded.

Pushing From Feet That Were Nailed

For Each Labored Breath He Exhaled.

His Pulse Weak And Diminished,

He Whispered, “It Is Finished.”